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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the mission changing?

No. Our mission remains the same and ties strongly to the new brand. Recall our mission statement below.

Denver Health Mission:

  • Provide life-saving emergency medicine and trauma services to Denver and the Rocky Mountain region
  • Fulfill public health functions as dictated by the Denver Charter and the needs of the citizens of Denver
  • Provide health education for patients
  • Participate in the education of the next generation of health care professionals
  • Engage in research, which enhances our ability to meet the health care needs of Denver Health system patients

So why are we changing?

A few reasons, actually. The first is our name recognition and reputation. With Denver being one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, we have a prime opportunity to introduce (and reintroduce) ourselves to the community.

The second is perception. Denver Health continues to expand its services, but those services are not as well-known as our trauma or delivery departments. We truly are the health care system that cares for you at all points in your life – not just in times of emergency. In addition, Denver Health should be seen as a care institute for everyone, from those with insurance to those without.

The new look is a yearlong effort to showcase the goals of the entire hospital system. Our look is how we want to be represented to our patients and community.

Why did you get rid of the old logo?

Throughout the years the “Family” was Denver Health’s main logo, but as a vast organization that truly cares for all, a nuclear family does not include the diversity of our patient population. Single mothers, single fathers, unmarried couples, same-sex couples, or couples with no children are unintentionally excluded.

Quite simply, this is not the intent of our care model.

So when did this all start?

The rebrand campaign began in late 2016. Research was conducted from our patients, staff, leadership and community members. Oversight teams were formed and departments were consulted. In addition, hospital-wide surveys were sent to all employees, asking for feedback on the Denver Health brand. All feedback was taken into account.

I see the new logo on some things around campus – but not others. When is everything else getting changed?

The rebrand was designed as a phased approach. Campus signage will be changing in the next few months. New signage is also being created. Denver Health ambulances will display our new branding, while others will be revised over the ensuing months.

What’s happening next?

You will begin to see new signage around Denver Health. Ambulances will also have a new look – rolling out between now and next year. Our Family Health Centers will also receive new signs and materials for use.

Are there other changes taking place that I don’t know of? Don’t keep me in the dark!

You’ll likely see more marketing materials in the community – as we tell others about our changes, it’s a great time to remind people about the services Denver Health offers. Our hope is that you’re excited to share the new logo, colors and tagline with friends, family and more.

So, thank you in advance for helping share our new look. We ask that you reach out with questions or feedback. We’re happy to listen and look forward to the next exciting chapter of our own story.