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Information Technology

Denver Health strives to give its providers the tools they need to provide the best care for patients. Recognizing that technology can provide automated tools that can help providers give better care, Denver Health has invested more than $300 million in information technology solutions to enhance patient care.

Electronic Medical Records System

Denver Health's medical records system is available to all care providers in the organization and instantly provides an individual medical record instantly for each patient. This electronic system houses records from 1996 forward and has approximately three million unique records.

This system ensures that each patient receives the proper care without no duplication of tests and gives medical providers that health history and other vital information to make informed decision about care.


VaxTrax is a unique automated system that tracks vaccinations for each patient of Denver Health and provides reminders to care providers when a vaccine is needed. This tool has helped Denver Health ensure that most children receive all of their immunizations on time and by their second birthday.

Disease Registries

Disease registries collect unique data on diseases for individual patients. Chronic disease registries such as the diabetes and hypertension registries, help providers track a patient’s disease and how well the patient’s disease is being managed. We also have preventive registries for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer and immunizations.

Related Awards

Denver Health's Community Health Services received the 10th Annual Ernest Amory Codman Award in the ambulatory care category for improving immunization rates for young children. The CHS initiative stemmed from an assessment that showed low immunization rates at its primary care sites were putting the community at risk for diseases that can easily be prevented.

CHS changed this trend by developing an immunization registry to track patients, assess immunization levels, and improve the ability to vaccinate children on schedule. Immunization rates improved by 46 percent for two-year-old patients and by 26 percent for one-year-old patients.

Named for the physician regarded in healthcare as the "father of outcomes measurement," the Ernest Amory Codman Award showcases the effective use of performance measurement by healthcare organizations to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.