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To become a Patient Ambassador please email our writer, Taryn, at

While you are on the path forward to renewed health, many in our community continue to struggle with their wellbeing. Some are facing a difficult choice of where to go for their care, or who to trust during a medical emergency. This is why we need your help. Denver Health is piloting a Patient Ambassador program that asks patients to share their care experiences.

Our goal is to share your story on our website, through social media, with Denver Health’s staff and through other educational and communications platforms, to have those who have regained better health shine a light for others.

Here’s an example of the stories our patients share.

Become a Patient Ambassador

We ask that you write a short first-person story of your patient journey. If you prefer we share your story through video, we can arrange a time for you to be recorded on camera.

To get started, begin your story by considering the following:

  • What was your experience like at Denver Health?
  • Who were the physicians or nurses who helped you?
  • How is your health now?
  • What did you learn from this experience?
  • What is your advice for others going through something similar or seeking care?

We welcome and encourage specific details to create a valuable and relatable story. Your honesty allows others to learn from your experience and be the inspiration that could truly save a life.

We will guide you through the writing process, and work around your schedule. Photos are encouraged.

Building My Armor: An Eating Disorder Recovery Journey with ACUTE

I was at the end of my rope. Upon arrival at the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health, I was feeling hopeless, helpless and just plain tired.

Gaining a New Family at Denver Health

Today I’m 59-years-young and feeling better than ever. The reason I feel this way is because not so long ago, I wasn't doing well. I had no insurance, was homeless and had no idea what would come next in life.

After Debilitating Car Crash, Finding Peace Again

I arrived at Denver Health by ambulance, with no clear idea of what had happened to me. I would later recall that I was thrown from my Subaru after being t-boned by a truck when running a red light with no seatbelt — distracted while trying to put my cellphone back into my purse.

A New Perception of Denver Health

In mid-July I had very serious abdominal pain, and I needed to go to the hospital. Those close to me were convinced it was appendicitis, so I was aware it was an emergency situation.

A Lifelong Eating Disorder Battle – and How I Survived: Betty’s Story

I now realize that treatment should not feel like babysitting. At ACUTE, I finally found a team and program that helped save my life.

A Father’s Story: Super Bowl Hit-And-Run Trauma

My son Nick called me on a Monday morning in February and told me he was in the hospital after having been hit by a car.

Sometimes It's the Routine Care That Leaves the Biggest Impression

I visited the Ortho clinic at Denver Health for knee concerns that I had. I was a typical patient in that I walked right past the number machine to the window.

Heart Healthy Advice from a Man Who’s Been There

I attended a 1950s sock hop at my apartment building – despite not feeling quite up to it. While twisting the night away to “Rock Around The Clock,” I suddenly collapsed.

‘A Lot More Life to Live’: Heart Attack Survivor Explains How Denver Health Is Giving Him a New Start

I was at work when I suddenly developed strong chest pains. I was not exerting myself when they started; I was just sitting at my desk working on my computer. That was my first concern.

After Near-Death Sudden Cardiac Arrest, MMA Athlete Begins Newest Battle

I was riding home from work on I-25, cruising leisurely on my motorcycle, when suddenly I felt a pain shooting from my left hand toward my heart. Having a medical background, I knew immediately this meant trouble.