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Referral Process

ACUTE Nurse Reviewing BookThe ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders is proud to provide expert medical stabilization for the country's top eating disorder treatment facilities and clinicians nationwide. Professionals can rest assured that their patients are receiving the very best medical treatment from a caring and compassionate team of professionals.

ACUTE takes pride in their referral relationships and will work to coordinate a seamless transition back to the referring facility after stabilization. If a patient does not have a long-term treatment plan, the ACUTE staff will gladly work with the patient to provide a list of reputable facilities to help in the decision-making process.

When To Refer

ACUTE specializes in managing the risks of early refeeding to avoid the potentially fatal complications of refeeding syndrome. Any patient meeting the following criteria is at risk for developing life-threatening medical complications and should be hospitalized during this crucial stage of early nutritional rehabilitation:

  • IBW <70% or BMI < 16 kg/m2
  • Weight loss of > 15% in the previous 3-6 months
  • Little or no nutritional intake for > 10 days
  • Low levels of potassium, phosphorus, or magnesium prior to refeeding

Referral Process

To make a referral to ACUTE for medical stabilization, contact us at 877 ACUTE 4U to speak directly with an ACUTE team member. We are happy to coordinate an admission and work with you to develop a successful plan for your patient's long-term care.


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