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Quality Improvement in Hospital Medicine

Members of the hospitalist group actively participate in multiple hospital and regional committees. We also embrace the LEAN philosophy and participate in Rapid Improvement Events. A number of hospitalists have been trained in Toyota Management Lean principles used to improve efficiency and reduce waste. This system is used in many manufacturing industries to streamline processes and make them more efficient. Part of our commitment is to heartily participate in quality improvement. Our administration looks to the knowledge and experience of our hospitalist group to identify and solve problems throughout the hospital.

Rapid Improvement EventsHospital Committees
  • Resident Discharge Process
  • Multidisciplinary Team Assignment
  • Discharge Pharmacist Process
  • Medicine Inpatient Flow Value Stream Analysis
  • Handoff: Patient Brought to Assigned Bed
  • Complex Discharge Value Stream Analysis
  • Long Term Venous Access
  • Discharge Tollgates
  • Discharge During Rounds
  • Non-Teaching Service Work Sequence
  • Medicine Inpatient Flow Value Stream Analysis
  • Geographic Team Assignments
  • Complex Discharge Criteria
  • Psychiatric Consults
  • Dialysis Discharge Process
  • Medicine Team in the Emergency Department and Adult Urgent Care Center
  • Multidisciplinary Rounding & Report
  • Inpatient-Outpatient Provider Communication
  • Readmission Value Stream Analysis
  • Hospital Medicine Value Stream Analysis
  • Diagnosis of Venous Thromboembolism: The Intersection of Patient Safety, Clinical Practice, and Finance
  • Excess Testing
  • Adherence to Core Measure Guidelines
  • Medication Reconciliation Process
  • Milliman Criteria
  • Improving Patient Education
  • Non-Teaching Service Staffing Model
  • Prioritization of Discharge Patients Follow Up Appointments