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Educational Opportunities Through The TB Clinic

TB Update and Tuberculin Skin Testing Practicum for Nurses

This course is for nurses working in hospitals, home health care agencies, jails and other long-term care facilities, occupational health, Civil Surgeons' offices, and local public health agencies who want to increase and update their knowledge of tuberculosis (TB) infection and disease and improve their skills placing and reading TB skin tests.

This course is offered quarterly. 3.5 Continuing Nursing Education credits will be given at successful completion of the practicum and post-test.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Express an increased and updated knowledge of tuberculosis (TB) infection and TB disease
  • Demonstrate skill in placing and reading the TST

Additional information about the course is available on the event website.

Who Should Attend?

Nurses working in hospitals, home health care agencies, jails and other long-term care facilities, occupational health, Civil Surgeons' offices and local public health agencies.

2016 Course Dates     

Location: Denver Public Health 2nd Floor Auditorium

Fees: Registration cost is $30

Workshop Agenda

12:15-1 pm Registration/Pre-Test
1-2:15 pm TB update
2:15-3:15 pm Skin Testing review
3:15-4:15 pm Practicum (participants will practice on each other using saline)
4:15-5 pm Post-test and post-test review and Evaluations

TB Review and Contact Investigation Workshop for Infection Control Practitioners and Occupational Health Nurses

During this course, attendees and instructors will:

  1. Discuss what is involved in determining if a patient is a suspect TB case or probably not TB, and if so how infectious they might be.
  2. Review the steps in a TB Contact Investigation.
  3. Review new testing and treatment options for contacts to active TB.
  4. Discuss the reporting requirements for suspect active TB and for contacts.

The course is held from 11:30 am - 2 pm. Attendees will earn two Continuing Education hours.

2016 Course Dates

  • Coming Soon
  • Call (303) 602-7240 for more information

In-Services and Classes for Health Care Providers and Community Organizations

TB Clinic staff are available to conduct in-service sessions and teach classes for health care providers and community organizations on all aspects of active and latent tuberculosis including diagnostics, latent TB treatment, and prevention.

Information on Treatment of Latent TB Infection for Health Care Providers

Our clinic has developed treatment protocols and materials for the Denver Health community health clinics for treating patients with latent TB infection. We are happy to share these with other community health clinics and private providers.