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Here are some of the comments received from 2014 conference attendees.

  • Always enjoy coming - nice up to date information
  • Excellent clinical content!
  • Always enjoy coming - nice up to date information
  • Excellent clinical content!
  • Very good information, great speakers, especially the keynotes
  • I enjoyed the wide range of speakers
  • All speakers did a very good job and were very well educated on their topics.
  • Keynote speakers were outstanding, not only knowledgeable, enjoyed listening with humor and great energy and PowerPoints.
  • Speakers did an amazing job delivering valuable education in a lively manner
  • Very excellent and helpful staff
  • Always a great conference
  • Excellent presentations and lectures
  • Very interesting and knowledgeable
  • Entertaining and thought provoking
  • Outstanding, so informative and fun!
  • Excellent job of education adult population in pediatrics
  • Conference gave me the tools I need to advocate for my patients!
  • Wow!  What amazing cases!
  • Fantastic presentations, very informative and kept my interest.
  • Excellent presentation.  Speaker gave great information and was funny as heck!  I hope hear more from him in the future!
  • Very animated presenters!  Kept subjects interesting!
  • Great topics!
  • Fantastic information for the ER & EMS!
  • Great presentation. One of the most interesting I’ve heard at any conference!  I love it!
  • Very dynamic speakers!
  • Great information!
  • Topics very applicable
  • Very relevant and current information
  • Good case studies
  • Highly interesting!
  • Very interesting cases!
  • Very impressive.  Lots of information presented from experience!