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Here are some of the comments received from 2013 conference attendees.

  • All speakers were outstanding.  I am very impressed by the experience and caliber of speakers.  Well done.
  • All were excellent
  • Really appreciate these great EM and previous educators. LA surgeons were excellent!
  • Everyone was very good this year
  • Really enjoyed the evening fun this year
  • Loved it!!
  • Great format.  The use of brief (30-45 minute) classes kept attention of the conference.  Perfect time allotment for educational and involvement in many different class types.
  • Good information - knowledgeable speakers
  • This was extremely helpful - this is something we see every day in the ER excellent and clear and pertinent information
  • Great Information
  • Great speakers and lots of energy and passion for topics
  • Totally Awesome!  Very Helpful!
  • Excellent!
  • Fantastic & very engaging
  • Great presentations.  Wonderful information and applicable to our setting.
  • Great job!
  • Fantastic presenter and presentation!
  • Timely topics!
  • The keynote speakers brought a great level of clinical professionalism and expertise to conference this year.
  • Very informative and entertaining!
  • Excellent - very informative for all levels
  • Excellent, well balanced.
  • Excellent! I enjoyed the case scenarios as well as the speaker's responses.  It was great and very informative!
  • Funny & educational - loved the different perspectives & the moderator
  • Very entertaining to see the different perspectives
  • Excellent panel discussion.
  • Great case studies, impressive speaker
  • Fabulous presenters with a broad appeal to different skill levels.
  • Lots of new info!