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Eating Disorder Recovery Meal Plan

Nutritional Rehabilitation

To begin the journey toward healthy eating, each patient works directly with his or her registered dietitian to create a balanced diet, and choose a meal plan that ensures a safe, comfortable progress toward medical stabilization goals. Eating disorder recovery meal plans are based on a slow, monitored progression of kilo-calories carefully designed to reduce the risks and discomforts of early nutritional rehabilitation, and avoid the potentially fatal complications of the refeeding syndrome.

At ACUTE, we understand how difficult meal time can be. We offer one-on-one support and encouragement during private meal times, and we work with each patient to help them meet their daily nutritional goals. If mealtime is overwhelming, patients are welcome to substitute their prescribed calories with an approved nutritional supplement like Ensure. ACUTE does not use feeding tubes (NG, PEG, PEJ) or other forms of nutrition (TPN) unless absolutely medically necessary, which is rare.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does ACUTE use feeding tubes for nutritional rehabilitation?

    ACUTE does not use naso-gastric (NG) feeding tubes for early refeeding like many eating disorder treatment centers. Patients consume a balanced oral diet based on medical and nutritional guidelines for early refeeding.

    ACUTE has access to surgical expertise if and when a surgical percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube (PEG) or percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy tube (PEJ) is medically necessary.

  • Will ACUTE accommodate dietary restrictions? (Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Food Allergies)

    Yes. ACUTE will make an effort to accommodate some dietary restrictions with your understanding that this is an eating disorder treatment program. Some dietary restrictions may be challenged and all allergies and intolerances must be documented and verified in your medical history. ACUTE is unable to accommodate a strict Vegan diet. Some Kosher options are available but ACUTE is unable to accommodate a strict Kosher diet.

  • Can I supplement if I am unable to finish my meal?

    Yes. If you are unable to complete the meal that you and your dietitian have chosen, you will be required to drink the equivalent caloric amount of a supplement, such as Ensure, to meet your daily goals.

  • If I have specific dietary restrictions, can I bring my own food/supplement items from home?

    No. ACUTE will make an attempt to accommodate all allergies and dietary restrictions as noted above with the options readily available within the hospital. Denver Health utilizes a standard foodservice company (Sodexo) for its meals. While there is a wide variety of options available, specialty items may be limited.

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