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The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders provides severe eating disorder treatment and expert care for the sickest patients from around the country and is uniquely positioned to serve as a National Center of Excellence for medical care. ACUTE is a trusted resource for eating disorder treatment facilities, behavioral health hospitals and acute care hospitals that lack specialized expertise in the medical care of patients with the most severe eating disorders.

Since 2008, ACUTE has treated more than 700 of the most severely ill eating disorder patients, making our program the most experienced in treating this high-risk patient population. Our multidisciplinary team, led by the industry's foremost expert, Philip S. Mehler, MD, FACP, FAED, CEDS, provides the best possible medical care with a unique understanding and compassion for both the physical and emotional issues involved.

The ACUTE Difference

  • Patients managed on medical ward with rare need for on-site ICU transfer
  • Evidence-based practice eliminating excessive ancillary test ordering or need for unnecessary lengths of stay (average length of stay is 14-21 days)
  • Definitive stabilization, stopping the cycle of repeated emergency room visits and medical re-admissions
  • Seamless continuum of care with 90% of patients discharged directly to the industry’s top eating disorder treatment programs

When To Refer

ACUTE specializes in managing the risks of early refeeding to avoid the potentially fatal complications of the refeeding syndrome. To make a referral to ACUTE for medical stabilization, contact us at (844) 781-4955 to speak directly with one of our team members.

Professional Network

We are dedicated to building relationships with eating disorder treatment providers across the United States, providing a critical first step in the continuum of care. With comprehensive medical stabilization, patients with severe eating disorders are more likely to be successful in their continued recovery at a traditional eating disorder treatment program.

In addition, these relationships help ACUTE staff to transition patients to programs across the country with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that each patient is in good hands, receiving expert care to maximize their chances for a successful eating disorder recovery.

Contact us today to join ACUTE's professional network of trusted providers.

Outreach & Public Relations

Rachael Harriman
ACUTE Program Manager
777 Bannock St, MC 8105
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 602-5550

777 Bannock Street 
Denver, CO 80204
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Admissions & Medical Evaluation
(844) 781-4955 phone
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Outreach & Public Relations
Rachael Harriman Byrne
ACUTE Administrative Director 
777 Bannock St, MC 7005  
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 602-5550

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If you or someone you know is suffering from a severe eating disorder, contact us to learn more about our program, to receive a free medical assessment or to begin the admission or referral process.