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ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders Testimonials

The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders has changed the lives of hundreds of patients. But do not take our word for it. Instead read a few of the testimonials our patients have shared.

Patient Testimonials

The care is so individualized and they meet you where you are at.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience here at Denver Health. From the day I was admitted to the day I left it was such a positive, professional, and loving experience. The staff at ACUTE from the CNAs, to nurses, doctors and administration all works together as such a strong unit to provide the upmost care of the patients. They went above and beyond their jobs to make me feel at home, cared for, special, and part of the family! I always had the support I needed to get through every day. I was nervous coming in, having never stayed at a hospital before but those feelings soon subsided with the outpouring of care I received. As I am getting ready to depart Denver Health and move on to my next stage of treatment, I have so much confidence, and strength due to the program. I feel that this is truly the only facility with professionals that are capable of treating those that are severely malnourished due to their eating disorder(s) and have all the knowledge necessary no matter what your story is and how long you have been battling your disease. I came here to be supervised during the refeeding process to make sure that there were no side effects and if there were, that I would be in an environment that would and they are the only doctors that I have ever talked with that understand this disease and how to treat it properly. The care is so individualized and they meet you where you are at. They realize that each case is different and spend time getting to know you and what will work best with you to help restore your physical health and well-being. The staff is genuinely invested in getting each of us back to a healthy and safe place to continue on to the next stage in battling our eating disorders.

Family Testimonials

The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders saves the lives of severe eating disorder patients, and their loved ones are often the most vocal and most grateful.

Healthcare Professional Testimonials

The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders is proud of the outstanding reputation our specialized care has built, as demonstrated in the testimonials shared by other healthcare professionals. Through our close relationships with referring providers and treatment programs nation-wide, ACUTE is able to provide life-saving treatment to patients from across the country.