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Our Eating Disorder Treatment Services

ACUTE Nurse Providing Patient EducationThe ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders cares for patients suffering from severe anorexia and bulimia nervosa who are typically too ill to begin their treatment a traditional eating disorder treatment facility.

Comprehensive Medical Stabilization

Medical stabilization is the first step in successful recovery from an eating disorder. The goal of medical stabilization at ACUTE is to prepare patients for the next stage in their recovery and increase their chance for success by resolving any medical issues prior to intensive programming.

ACUTE provides comprehensive and intensive support to help patients gain medical stability and reduce their risk for developing refeeding syndrome and other serious medical complications that are common in early refeeding.

Our team works collaboratively to develop a highly individualized treatment plan addressing both the physical and emotional concerns surrounding the eating disorder.

In addition, our team works with each patient to establish a discharge plan early on and communicates with the accepting facility throughout stabilization to ensure a seamless transition for continued care.

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