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Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Location

Cardiac Catheterization Lab
Pavilion A, 2nd Floor
777 Bannock St
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 602-3890
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When patients complain of chest pain caused by a narrowed or a blocked heart artery, the Cardiac Cath Lab is where the problem is definitively diagnosed and treated.

If a suddenly-blocked heart artery causes a heart attack, our cath lab team is standing by 24 hours a day to rapidly restore blood flow. We work for you as a team to eliminate any delays that stand in the way of the best outcome possible.

OurĀ paramedics, Emergency Department and Cardiac Cath Lab have created a system to get heart attack patients to the lab immediately so no time is lost in getting blood flow back to the heart.

Our Cardiac Cath Lab specializes in state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The sameĀ Cardiovascular Team that clears heart artery blockages also clears blockages in leg arteries and carotid arteries of the neck.

Dr. Emily Hass and Dr. Joel Garcia describe our cath lab services and what you can expect in the videos below.

Cardiac Cath LabServicios de Laboratorio de Cateterizacion

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