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Get Movin’ to Better Health

Benefits of Get Movin'

Denver Health’s Get Movin’ Program is designed to help you improve your health and physical well-being through exercise and nutrition. Whether you are a triathlete trying to improve your time or someone who wants to get into exercise for the first time, the Get Movin’ program is there to help you reach your goals. You will receive an individualized plan based on your current condition and desired outcome.

Get Movin’ Features

  • Clinical Exercise physiologists that create custom workout routines to help you set and meet your unique fitness goals
  • Instruction and monitoring to ensure safe and effective exercise
  • A variety of exercise options that help you build stamina and strength
  • Wellness education including stress management, healthy meal planning and exercise
  • Communication with a primary care provider to inform him/her of your progress

Get Movin' Clinic
Pavilion A, 2nd Floor
777 Bannock St,
Denver, CO 80204
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This is a six-week program and meets two times per week for a total of 12 sessions. Various times are offered throughout the week to accommodate busy schedules. The cost of the program is $120.

“I am a physically stronger person today than I was six weeks ago…and I am able to enjoy running again after 40 years of inactivity.” –Jim Henshaw, Get Movin’ participant