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Adolescents with Self-Harm Tendencies or Suicidal Thoughts

Teen Patient with Dr. CollinsThoughts of hopelessness, despair, increased use of drugs or alcohol, or withdrawing from social contact might indicate symptoms of suicide. According to the Second Wind Fund, suicide is the third leading cause of death for youth ages 15-24. With the right intervention and therapy, thoughts of self-harm can be averted.

How to Get Help for Your Child

Talk to your child. It’s a difficult time in their life and you’re the one who loves them unconditionally. Explore using any resources your child’s school may have and contact your family doctor for advice. It’s an emotional time in their life and they need your support.

At Denver Health, our behavioral health team provides expert care for children and adolescents ages 8-17. Therapy includes having patients better understand what the triggers are for distress and recognizing how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors can lead to stress and suicidal thoughts. Inpatient and outpatient therapies are available as part of each customized treatment plan.

Prior to discharge, our caring staff looks for their clients to no longer have suicide or homicidal thoughts. Our providers realize that any symptom of a mood or anxiety or other disorder at discharge may take months to go away.