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STEP is Denver Health’s Substance Abuse Treatment, Education and Prevention program.


Established in 2004 with a generous grant from The Daniels Fund, STEP provides outpatient, psychiatric and substance abuse treatment to youth ages 12-21. The program delivers individual, not group, treatment for young patients and their families.


STEP’s mission is to provide excellent, research-proven care. The program uses techniques, including psychiatric consultation, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, motivational incentives and case management, to help youth and their families achieve their goals.


STEP also is dedicated to conducting clinical research that results in effective, new treatments for adolescent substance abuse.


STEP is licensed by the Colorado Department of Behavioral Health and is part of Denver Health’s department of Behavioral Health Services. The STEP program’s staff consists of a board-certified child/adolescent/addictions psychiatrist and two full-time therapists.


The program accepts Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans. STEP also appreciates referrals and works regularly with schools, faith-based organizations, community groups and the juvenile justice system.

STEP Offices

For general information about the STEP program, please contact Julia Timmerman at 303-602-1897 or


To schedule an appointment, contact Melody Smith at 303-602-1893 or

STEP values medical research because we strive to help not only our patients, but also future patients around the world.