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Peripheral Nerve Institute Services

Peripheral Nerve ServicesFor patients suffering from distressing symptoms related to peripheral nerve disorders, such as tingling, numbness and pain, seeking help is essential. At Denver Health’s Peripheral Nerve Institute, our team works together to diagnose and treat peripheral nerve conditions occurring throughout the body.

Electrodiagnostic Studies

At the Peripheral Nerve Institute, our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists perform electrodiagnostic studies. These tests are meant to provide a precise diagnosis of nerve problems by measuring electrical activity. Two common tests are electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction study (NCS; also called nerve conduction velocity (NCV)). 

If you are visiting our Institute for EMG/NCS testing, you can find tips for preparing for your appointment in our resources and education section

Nonsurgical Treatment

Our group of physical and rehabilitation medicine therapists can assist in alleviating symptoms using nonsurgical techniques including: ultrasound, heat-cold therapy, electrical stimulation to improve pain, etc. In addition, they can work on restoring the range of motion and muscle strength when a nerve is not functional.

One of the most important things our therapists offer is patient education. They teach patients how to perform self-therapy at home in order to maintain and improve treatment outcomes. They also can help patients improve posture and ergonomics to prevent or correct nerve problems. Finally, when needed, our therapist will create custom-made splints to keep joints in a functional and healthy position while the nerve function is restored.


If nonsurgical treatment methods do not bring relief, surgery may be an option. Denver Health surgeons utilize their vast experience treating peripheral nerve conditions to offer the best outcomes possible. Drs. Banegas and Ipaktchi are both orthopedic and hand micro-surgeons with more than 15 years of experience. Plus, Dr. Livermore, a plastic and hand micro-surgeon, can address nerve problems from “head to toes.”