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Healthy Communities (EPSDT)

Healthy Communities is a comprehensive community based outreach program designed to assist families, children and pregnant women to find appropriate services. Through this program, Patient Navigators connect families with resources to obtain treatment for medical, dental, vision, mental health and developmental problems. All families eligible for CHP+ or Medicaid are encouraged to use these services.

Healthy Communities focuses on the life cycle of a client, which includes all of the activities that must happen for the client to obtain coverage and access to health care services in an appropriate setting.

Healthy Communities Patient Navigators want you to get the most of your benefits and to understand what those benefits can do for you. Patient Navigators serve as a link with other community and statewide programs and services and are available as the first level of advocacy. Healthy Communities services are free and can help you:

  • Find available medical homes and health or dental providers
  • Assist you in working with Medicaid and CHP+
  • Connect families to available low or no-cost services and referrals to places in your community, such as food banks housing agencies, childcare, Head Start, Healthy Care Program for Children with Special Healthcare Needs (HCP) and Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
  • Offer information on how to apply for Medicaid and CHP
  • Educate families on the value of preventive health care services
  • Medicaid clients are eligible for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services to appointments
  • Follow-up on missed appointments (urgent appointments)
  • Home Visitations (urgent missed appointments)

The Healthy Communities Program supports the" Medical Home." A medical home coordinates all health services and is centered on you and your family's needs. The Medical Home assures your child has a health care team that includes your child, the provider, the office staff and others and ensures that you are an important part of the team.

Referrals are made through the Denver Health Pediatric Referral System

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