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Choose Denver Health School-Based Health Care Clinics

School-Based Health Centers for KidsOur School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) provide medical services at the most convenient place for students and their parents, right inside their school, just steps from the classroom.

Our unique partnership with each school and nurse, provides children with access to a medical professional when they need it. Our caring staff of doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, licensed clinical social workers, health educators and outreach staff is available to see children whenever they are sick at school or are in need of a physical or vaccinations to stay in school.

We Focus on Keeping Children Healthy

Our professional staff focuses on the prevention and early intervention of diseases. We want children to stay healthy and well during the school season, which is why we closely monitor each student’s medical history. We make sure that they receive vaccinations when they need them and routine check-ups that keep them healthy throughout the school year.

We Provide Care to All Children, Regardless of Health Insurance Coverage

Because we are funded through grants and other sources that are dedicated to ensuring that children get the medical care they need, there is no charge to the student or their family for the medical services we provide. We do bill insurance, but there are no co-pays, deductibles or other fees for your children to be seen at our health centers.

We Have Pediatric Experts

Our clinics are staffed by medical experts with special training in pediatrics. Our clinics are staffed by medical doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Plus, all of our outreach workers and advisors are also specially trained in their fields. Your child will receive medical care from professionals who just happen to work at a clinic in their school.

Location, Location, Location

Our clinics are in 16 Denver Public Schools throughout Denver, so we are sure to have a convenient location for your DPS student(s). In most instances, the clinic will be located in your child’s school, just steps from their classroom.

We Belong to a Large Primary Care Network

Our School-Based Health Centers are part of the Denver Health Community Health System as well. So if your child is already a patient at one of  Denver Health's eight family health centers, they can easily go to one of our School-Based Health Centers for medical care. Appointments are easily available at our health centers during the school year, and we usually have same-day appointments open. 

We can keep your child from having to wait to see a doctor or making an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.