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Success Stories

The Denver Health Level I Trauma Center cares for more than 3,000 of the region’s most severely injured patients each year and here are a few of their stories of success.

Janet Shikles Undergoes Several Surgeries on her Wrist

Janet ShiklesFor Janet Shikles, breaking her wrist and not being able to play tennis for six weeks seemed like a nightmare. Little did she know, her nightmare had just begun.

In August 2009, Shikles, a tennis enthusiast, fell on her wrist during a game, breaking it in two places. She visited an urgent care facility where doctors took X-rays and referred her to an orthopaedic specialist, telling her that she would most likely need surgery.

The orthopaedic specialist looked at the X-rays but told her she would not need surgery. He placed her wrist in a cast and told her to come back in six weeks.during the six week period, Shikles experienced a great deal of discomfort and pain, but was convinced that the discomfort was normal.

As six weeks approached, Shikles returned to get her cast removed only to find that the break had healed incorrectly, leaving her wrist worse than they were before.

“That’s when I did what I should have done in the first place,” said Shikles, who works in health care policy. She contacted Patricia A. Gabow, M.D., CEO, Denver Health Medical Center who assured her that Kagan Ozer, M.D., replantation/microsurgeon, would be able to help her.

“I was impressed from the beginning,” said Shikles. “Dr. Ozer was able to see me right away. He was amazed to see how poorly my wrist had healed and was even more disappointed that I hadn’t gotten surgery when the injury first occurred.”

Dr. Ozer wanted to operate on Shikles wrist right away and got her into the Operating Room the following day. After surgery, she was admitted to a private hospital room.

“The nurses were amazing,” said Shikles. “When you are in that much pain, you have a fear that you will be forgotten, but they came and checked on me every hour and took great care of me.”

Since her surgery, Shikles has returned to playing tennis. Her game has been unaffected by her injury.

“I am so grateful for the care that I received at Denver Health,” said Shikles. “I have referred three of my friends to Denver Health since my surgery; I was just so impressed with everyone I came in contact with.”

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