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Boot Camp for Dads 
Boot Camp for Dads

Prepare to become a new dad by learning from experienced fathers and their babies. Class covers baby basics such as how to hold, change, and comfort your newborn along with tips for supporting mom. For Dads only.

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Maternity & Pregnancy Classes and Events

Welcoming a new baby can be an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming to think about the challenges that come with being a new parent. That is why Denver Health offers prenatal and parenting classes for moms and their partners. 

We recommend that you participate in classes during your third trimester. Dad or support person is welcome and encouraged to attend. No children please.

Classes include:

Prenatal Class Schedule and Tours

Preparing to have your baby

At Denver Health, we are honored and privileged to be part of this special journey in your life. Don’t miss these opportunities to learn about labor, delivery and caring for your baby! Download our 2018 English prenatal class schedule or our 2018 Spanish prenatal class schedule.