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Boot Camp for Dads 

Boot Camp for Dads

Prepare to become a new dad by learning from experienced fathers and their babies. Class covers baby basics such as how to hold, change, and comfort your newborn along with tips for supporting mom. For Dads only.

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July 25 | 9 AM
September 26| 9 AM
November 21| 9 AM
January 23| 9 AM

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Maternity & Pregnancy Classes and Events

Welcoming a new baby can be an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming to think about the challenges that come with being a new parent. That is why Denver Health offers prenatal and parenting classes for moms and their partners. Classes include:

Special Offering: Speak with a Denver Health Midwife

If you are considering choosing one of our exceptional certified nurse midwives, we would love to speak with you. Please call (303) 602-5526 to schedule a phone call with one of our midwives. The midwife will personally call you and will give you an overview of Denver Health’s unique midwifery practice and how they support a natural child birth while consulting and collaborating with Denver Health obstetricians.