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Charity Care & Financial Assistance Contacts

Enrollment Services
(303) 602-2300
(303) 602-2310

Financial Counselors
(303) 602-3470
(303) 602-3471

Charity Care & Financial Assistance

We want to help make it more affordable for you to access medical care.

  • Enrollment Services: Call (303) 602-2300 or (303) 602-2310 to schedule an appointment with an Enrollment Specialist to explore charity care, financial assistance or discount medical coverage program options.
  • Financial Counselor: Call (303) 602-3470 or (303) 602-3471 to schedule an appointment with a Financial Counselor to discuss payment plans.

Financial Assistance Programs

Charity care and financial assistance program options may include the following:

  • Colorado Indigent Care Program: a discount program for people who qualify
  • Child Health Plan Plus: health insurance coverage for low-income children (18 and younger) and pregnant women (19 and older) who are Colorado residents
  • Denver Health Financial Assistance Program: a Denver Health program for people who qualify that helps pay for health services provided by Denver Health providers
  • Medicaid: a public health insurance for families, children, pregnant women, persons who are blind or persons with disabilities and the elderly who are Colorado residents