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Strategic Planning

Denver Public Health participates in an annual strategic planning process to ensure work continues to advance the mission and vision of the department. During this process, the department reflects on key accomplishments and progress made in the previous year. Denver Public Health's 2015-2017 Strategic Plan focuses on six priority areas driven by five core values to achieve 10 strategic goals.

Priority Areas

  • Community and population health
  • Customer experience
  • Financial strength
  • Insurance coverage and preventive services
  • Quality improvement and patient safety
  • Workforce engagement

Core Values

  • Continuous improvement
  • Fostering innovation
  • Dedicated to excellence
  • Compassionate service
  • Strength through collaboration


  1. Improve the health of Denver residents and reduce inequities.
  2. Continually assess and respond to community needs.
  3. Provide clear, consistent communication about public health.
  4. Improve Denver Public Health effectiveness.
  5. Improve access to health care.
  6. Improve preventive services in health care settings.
  7. Create a workplace culture of commitment, accountability and engagement.
  8. Provide sufficient financial resources to fulfill Denver Public Health’s mission and strategies, while ensuring financial sustainability.
  9. Perfect the experience for every partner, customer, and patient that interacts with the department, every time in every setting.
  10. Continuous quality improvement throughout the department.