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Financial Assistance

Getting started in the HIV Clinic: Financial Screening

Care in the Center for Positive Health usually starts with an appointment with our financial screener, as clinic visits and medicines require co-pays. If you do not have insurance, we offer insurance enrollment assistance.

If you have Colorado Medicaid

You do not have to complete additional financial screening for the clinic or for medicines.

If you do not have Colorado Medicaid

You must complete two financial screenings before your first appointment. You can complete both screenings at the same time.

Screening for clinic visits (CICP) and medicines (ADAP) must be updated every 6 months. To book a financial screening appointment, please email us or call (303) 602-8710.

You will need to bring the following items with you to the financial screening appointment:

Proof of address

  • Prior month rent receipts
  • Current or prior month paycheck or Social Security check
  • Copy of current lease with landlord name and phone number
  • Current or prior month mortgage receipt
  • Current property tax receipt
  • Current car registration
  • Current or prior month utility bill

Proof of income for all household members

  • Pay stubs from current or prior month
  • If you do not have pay stubs, bring a typed letter from your employer on letterhead showing your income

If you are unemployed, proof of monthly expenses

  • Rent receipt or mortgage statement and all monthly bills

Health insurance cards

Completed residency affidavit

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