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Smoke-Free Housing Forum

Established in 2009, the Smoke-Free Housing Forum is organized and facilitated by Denver Public Health's Tobacco Program staff. The forum participants include owners and managers of apartments, condominiums and multi-unit housing properties. Meetings provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss and learn from their housing peers regarding how to pass, implement and enforce indoor smoke-free building policies.

Discussion topics may include:DPH Smoke-Free Housing Forum

  • Benefits of smoke-free housing policies
  • Enforcement
  • Trouble shooting and/or technical assistance
  • Presentations from other landlords or property owners
  • Networking and resource opportunities
  • Marijuana/tobacco laws

Are you interested in sharing information about passing and implementing smoke-free (tobacco and marijuana) building policies?

Please contact Teddy Montoya at 303-602-3684, or Santos Diaz at 303-602-3695 to learn more.

Why your building should have a smoke-free policy

  • Most Colorado residents prefer to live in a smoke-free environment
  • Implementing a smoke-free policy is legal. Smokers are not a protected class under Federal anti-discrimination laws
  • Smoke-free buildings help save on cleaning, maintenance and insurance costs
  • There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Fires caused by smoking materials are the leading cause of home fires in the U.S.
  • Insurance premiums may be lower in smoke-free buildings
  • Damage caused by third-hand smoke is difficult and costly to remove

Smoke-Free Housing Resources - Mailing Postcards

In collaboration with GASP Colorado, Denver Public Health's Tobacco Education and Prevention team has developed a postcard campaign targeted at housing providers in the Denver-metro area who have not yet implemented smoke-free policies. The campaign is designed to educate about, and promote smoke-free policies, especially in multiunit housing. Denver Public Health is happy to offer these materials at no cost to you, for use in your community! If you are interested in using any of these materials, please contact

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