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Judith Shlay, MD, MSPH, Appointed as Interim Director of Denver Public Health

Judith Shlay, MD, MSPH, a family medicine physician and associate director of Denver Public Health, has been selected to serve as interim director of Denver Public Health. Dr. Shlay begins her tenure as interim director immediately, as the former director, Dr. William Burman is currently serving as interim CEO of Denver Health. 

Dr. Shlay’s interim role, positions her as the first female director of Denver Public Health, and the only current female director of a public health department in the Denver metro area.

City Council District Reports Now Available

Be Healthy Denver, a joint initiative between Denver Public Health and Denver Environmental Health, released the updated City Council District Reports in March, 2016. The reports segment and expand upon data from the 2014 Health of Denver Report, focusing on health issues at the district level in four public health priority areas: life expectancy, tobacco use, childhood obesity and mental health.

Zika Virus Fact Sheet Now Available

Looking for information on Zika Virus? View our Zika Virus web page and download the fact sheet. If you are planning to visit a country where Zika is found, contact a travel clinic nurse at 303-602-3520 to answer any questions and schedule an appointment for a travel consultation. 

New Local Health Data Available through Big Cities Health Inventory

On November 18, the Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC) released a report detailing the state of health in 26 of their member cities across the country, including Denver. The Big Cities Health Inventory builds on a 2007 edition report that characterized cities as unhealthy places to live, especially in comparison to the rest of the nation. While challenges remain, America’s big cities have made remarkable strides in improving health outcomes. Denver was recognized for its 40% reduction in HIV diagnoses since 2005 and for a diabetes mortality rate that is almost 70% lower than the national rate. Members of the Denver Public Health public health informatics group and epidemiology teams provided input to help produce the report. Visit the BCHI's online data platform to view the data or read the full report.

How Does Public Health Keep Denver Healthy?

As Denver's local public health department, we provide a wide range of services, from clinical care to health promotion activities, to birth and death records, and important community health data. Recently, we asked Denver residents to tell us how they define public health. We made a video of their answers - check it out! And don't forget to join our conversations on Facebook and Twitter!

2014 Health of Denver Report Now Available

Denver Public Health and Denver Environmental Health jointly released the 2014 Health of Denver Report on Feb 23 from 3-4:40 p.m. at Mile High United Way. The report, Denver's most recent community health assessment, provides current health data, identifies areas of concern, and measures progress towards improving the health of Denver residents. Visit to read the 2014 Health of Denver Report, download data and graphics from the report, and connect with other Be Healthy Denver partners.

Denver's Department of Environmental Health

Denver's Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is dedicated to advancing Denver's environmental and public health goals. DEH works collaboratively with city, state and community partners to conduct education, community engagement, and enforcement to ensure healthy people, healthy pets, and a sustainable environment. Its mission is to create a city with a world class environment and healthy communities for all ages and incomes, and where the well-being of our pets also matters.