Newborn Care Class

A one-session class ideal for first-time expectant parents. Become a more comfortable and confident parent with helpful hints, activities and information you can use.

(Clase disponible en español)

You will learn about:

  • Newborn appearance and what to expect in the first few hours
  • Nutrition: breastfeeding and/or bottle
  • Newborn behavior, reflexes and senses
  • Daily care and calming your baby
  • When to call for help
  • Baby safety

Light snacks will be provided.

A support person (dad, partner, family member or friend) is welcome to attend with you. Please do not bring children with you to class.

Optional tour of Pavilion C to follow each class.

Classes are free for patients receiving prenatal care at Denver Health and for patients planning to deliver at Denver Health. If you are not a Denver Health patient, please call 303-602-5526 for more information.

Space is limited.

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