Founded in 2004 by Philip S. Mehler, MD, FACP, FAED, CEDS, the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders by Denver Health is the only dedicated medical stabilization program in the country with the resources, the environment, and the experience to treat the most severe cases of eating disorders. ACUTE is a National Center of Excellence housed on a dedicated medical unit at Denver Health where patients benefit from the extensive support of a major medical hospital while receiving care from a team of experienced professionals that specializes in providing lifesaving eating disorder treatment and conducting revolutionary eating disorder research.

Inside the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health, the world’s leading experts provide life-saving medical stabilization for patients suffering from severe eating disorders and the resultant medical complications. Here, we offer hope when all other medical care has failed.

Highly Individualized Treatment Plan

Every patient that enters ACUTE receives a highly individualized treatment plan designed to:

  • Alleviate any medical complications associated with severe anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or ARFID

  • Avoid and manage the potentially fatal risks of refeeding syndrome, and

  • Prepare him/her for a smooth transition into a traditional inpatient or residential eating disorder treatment program.

Why Choose ACUTE?

If you or your loved one was suffering from a rare brain tumor, you’d seek out the most experienced neurosurgeon team in the country. Severe eating disorders are no different – life threatening malnutrition is rare, and most physicians don’t have the experience necessary to treat the complex medical complications associated with severe eating disorders. The truth is, when eating disorders become severe, lives are on the line. You can trust that the team at ACUTE has treated more severely ill patients, with better outcomes than anywhere else in the country.

Patients, families and our referring partners choose ACUTE for medical stabilization because:

  • ACUTE staff members are specially-trained and exceptionally experienced in caring for patients at this specific stage of eating disorder recovery

  • ACUTE's unique experience and high volume of the most severe eating disorder patients in the country has led to excellent outcomes, short lengths of stay (average length of stay at ACUTE is 21 days), rare need for intensive care unit (ICU) transfer and low mortality among a population of the most at-risk patients

  • ACUTE is located on a dedicated medical unit at Denver Health Medical Center, with convenient access to the benefits of a major medical institution, including on-site sub-specialty referrals, intensive care unit services, surgical teams, and more

  • ACUTE is the only program in the country that bills under the medical insurance benefit, preserving the behavioral health benefit for continued treatment at an inpatient or residential treatment program

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