From Life-Threatening Eating Disorder to Recovery at ACUTE

September 27, 2019

ACUTE patient Haleigh K
By: Haleigh K.

I have been struggling with my eating disorder since the age of 12. I had been in and out of treatment and wasn’t able to maintain recovery. Before coming to the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health, my symptoms were becoming extreme. I was living like a ghost. I didn’t want to die and I knew something had to change. I began researching programs and came across one that said I was not medically stable enough to go there – so they sent me to ACUTE. I had heard good things and agreed to go.

I don’t remember much when I first arrived at ACUTE, but I do remember being greeted with warmth and smiles that remained throughout my stay. I hadn’t eaten in a long time, and the staff was so patient and understanding. I loved the Certified Nursing Assistants! It was nice feeling like I had a friend with me, and I wasn’t alone. The love, care and encouragement I received at ACUTE made a huge difference.

I’ll never forget when my psychologist said, “the world needs you.” It made me feel valued and like I had a purpose, not because of my disorder but for who I am as a person.

Going to ACUTE first was extremely valuable in preparing me for the work I would be faced with in residential treatment. If I hadn't gone to ACUTE, I wouldn’t have been in the right head-space, let alone properly form words and sentences. I had a tendency to compare myself to other patients, and I appreciated the individual care at ACUTE. I had time to focus on myself and find my voice through journaling and having time for self-reflection. I was able to spend time thinking about what I wanted to get out of residential treatment.

Today I can proudly say that I am in recovery. I have completed treatment and I am focusing on working and going to school. I have a lot to live for. Thank you, ACUTE!