Healing and Growing at ACUTE

April 09, 2019

ACUTE patient Catherine Katie Cassell
By: Catherine “Katie” Cassell

I love horses; they are my passion. Last year, I had to sell my horse to pay for college. Taking care of my horse was important to me, and when I no longer had my horse to take care of, I felt as though I had nothing to take care of. I didn’t realize I had stopped taking care of myself as well.

Then in January, my grandmother died and that hit me hard. I went to Ireland to be with my family. My family was so worried about me because I had lost so much weight. I was at my lowest weight ever. My eating disorder became my coping skill. My family helped me realize that I am worthy of love, and they encouraged me to get help.

I made the decision to come to ACUTE and soon felt like it was the right decision. At ACUTE, It was a very "human" experience. The staff is nice. They helped me learn a lot about my eating disorder, medicine and how to use this experience to grow as a person.

I now know my eating disorder is a symptom of other things that I am now aware of. I have a greater appreciation for the small things. I see a lot more light in the world and I see myself as a growing flower.

ACUTE is a place of healing, and I would encourage anyone to come here if their medical team is suggesting it because they know you need the support. At ACUTE, you can focus on you.