Tour ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders

The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders is a safe and secure medical inpatient unit housed within Denver Health Medical Center. ACUTE has treated more than 200 patients since opening in 2008. This quiet, peaceful and dedicated unit offers the following:

  • Around-the-clock technologically-advanced critical care from specially-trained nurses and board-certified internal medicine physicians
  • Private patient rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Dedicated nurses' station
  • Flat-screen televisions
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Comfortable family visiting area
  • Denver Health is located near Denver's downtown area and close to hotels for visiting family members and/or friends


ACUTE's registered dietitians work with each patient to develop an individualized meal plan. All meals are eaten privately with support and supervision from a staff member.


Much of an ACUTE patient's day is spent relaxing in his or her room, resting in the healing environment.


ACUTE's Medical Director, Philip S. Mehler, MD, FACP, FAED, CEDS, is an internationally-recognized leader in the treatment of eating disorders. Above, Dr. Mehler discusses lab results with an ACUTE patient.
ACUTE patients participate in daily (M-F) psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Susan Bennett and weekly consultations with a psychiatrist.


ACUTE patients are encouraged to bring appropriate items for their stay, such as comfortable clothing, toiletries, medications and entertainment items for free time.


All ACUTE patients work with a Physical Therapist for an initial assessment of balance, fall risk, and mobility, and then continued individualized training and, in some cases, strength training.