How starvation works against metabolism

Monday, October 19, 2015

Metabolism is a complicated and not fully understood set of physiologic responses, and it governs how your body manages energy, aka: calories.

Starvation (through restriction, purging, or both) may “work” in the short term to lose weight, but deprivation of calories causes your body to drop its metabolism to an extremely slow rate. In doing this, your temperature cools, your heart slows, your blood pressure drops, and your intestinal tract stops moving things along. Exercising when you’re starving is even worse because your body is required to tear up your muscle mass for energy, making you weaker, not stronger.

And strong, normal muscle mass is a key driver of metabolism. The ironic solution to a slowed metabolism is to eat more, exercise less, and get lots of rest.

Your eating disorder won’t believe it…but we assure you, it’s the scientific truth.