Frequently Asked Questions

Do patients have to be preparing for or have gone through gender confirmation surgery to get transgender voice therapy?

Patients are not required to go through surgery and are not expected to go through it. Any patient who has the desire to change their voice and has the time and effort to dedicate to this process is welcome in our clinic.

If patients have had voice feminization surgery elsewhere, can you work with them on voice therapy?

For patients who have had or are considering voice feminization surgery to alter pitch, voice therapy is highly recommended both before and after the surgery.

Is voice therapy covered by insurance?

Voice therapy is not typically covered by insurance. Patients pay out-of-pocket.

How long is a voice therapy session?

Initial visits for voice therapy are 90 minutes; follow up visits are 45 minutes. All of this time is spent one-on-one with a speech therapist who will tailor the treatment to each client’s specific goals.