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Speaking of the 2018 Oscars

How Actors Manipulate Their Voice, Speech and Language

The 90th Academy Award Oscars got me thinking about how actors and actresses can manipulate voice, speech and language to capture the authenticity of a character. If you are not a speech pathologist (or married to one), you may be asking yourself what the difference is between voice, speech and language. 


Denver Health Hospital Medicine Team Launches New Blog

Read the most recent 'Admissions' blog article from the Hospital Medicine team, "What Guppies Taught Me About Doctoring".


Denver Health and Hospital Authority Celebrates 20 Years

In 1997 the City of Denver established the Denver Health and Hospital Authority as an independent entity from its longstanding city governorship. The decision gave Denver Health ownership over its own future to reach new promise in an ever-changing health care landscape. Read more about the Authority’s 20th anniversary celebration and the milestones at Denver Health!


Denver Paramedic Division Sets New Records for One-of-a-Kind Wildland Fire Team Deployments

The Denver Health Paramedic Division set new high's for deployments in 2017 and added dispatchers to help with technical challenges associated with communication coordination at wildfires.