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Psychiatric Emergency Services at Denver Health

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) is a 24/7 service that provides emergent and individualized evaluation, crisis stabilization and treatment for patients presenting with psychiatric and/or substance-related emergencies.

PES is a 17-room licensed, secure unit which focuses on high-quality patient care for patients who may or may not require inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. All admissions to the inpatient psychiatric unit are coordinated by PES staff to ensure continuity of care.

PES works closely with the  Emergency Department, Inpatient Psychiatric Units, and Outpatient Mental Health Services to best meet patient needs. PES encourages the referral of patients who are in psychiatric or substance-related crisis. All patients who are referred for services will be screened to determine the level of care needed.

At Denver Health, patients will receive compassionate and humane mental health treatment. Denver Health is committed to providing a trauma informed response to people with mental illness that provides safety and security while also avoiding practices that can re-traumatize our patients.

Our Psychiatric Emergency Team

Mobile Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis Services (MCS) is a 24/7 service that provides mental health support to residents of the City and County of Denver and to Mental Health Center of Denver consumers during and after a crisis.

What to Expect at Denver Health

A licensed clinician provides consultation and evaluation by telephone or in the community. The licensed clinician works with the individual and his/her support system to determine if hospitalization is necessary. All MCS clinicians work closely with Psychiatric Emergency Services ( see above) staff and psychiatrists to ensure continuity of care.

Mobile Crisis Services include:

  • 24/7 psychiatric emergency services for residents of the City and County of Denver by licensed staff, including telephone screening and in-person mobile emergency assessment;
  • Psychiatric consultation for Mental Health Center of Denver consumers;
  • Crisis consultation with community agencies and other care providers; and,
  • Information and referral services to individuals and other community programs.

Contact Mobile Crisis Services: 1-844-493-8255