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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) at Denver Health help survivors of sexual assault gain back control by offering medical examination and treatment, counseling, and legal assistance following an assault.

Medical forensic exams are performed by Registered Nurse examiners 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our caring and dedicated nurse examiners provide services to all patients regardless of age or gender.

No appointment is necessary to be taken care of by the SANE team. Your visit will begin by checking in at Denver Health’s Adult Emergency Department or Pediatric Emergency Department.

Medical Forensic Exams

Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, you will be taken to a private room where a nurse will make sure that you do not have any life-threatening injuries or illnesses. A social worker will help explain your medical and legal options, and coordinate community resources.

If you choose to have an exam, a nurse examiner will take good care of you. All victims can decline any part of their examination, but a standard exam includes:

  • A complete discussion about medical history
  • Thorough head-to-toe examination
  • Evidence collection
  • Photography of injuries
  • Treatment for possible sexually transmitted infections
  • Pregnancy prevention

You have choices. You have power.

Your sexual assault exam can be done up to seven days after the assault occurred. Before the exam is performed, a nurse examiner will explain the process in detail. You will always be offered treatment for possible sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy prevention.

In addition to medical services, you will also be assisted with pursuing any of the following legal options:

  1. Report the assault to law enforcement. With this option, a brief report is given to a patrol officer with a more thorough interview done with a detective at a later time. Any evidence collected will be turned over to law enforcement and tested at the crime lab. 
  2. Medically report the assault to law enforcement. With this option, law enforcement will be given your name and birth date. You will then have up to two years to file a report, and any evidence collected can be tested.  
  3. Anonymously report the assault to law enforcement. With this option, law enforcement will not be given your name or any identifying information and any evidence collected will not be tested. You will then have up to two years, should you decide to file a full legal report. 
  4. Do not report the assault to law enforcement or have a medical forensic examination performed.