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Forensic Psychiatry Services

Forensic Psychiatry Services is a unique service that works closely with the judicial system. Forensic Psychiatry Services provides the following:

  • Determination of competency to withstand trial
  • Determination of sanity for criminal trials,
  • Determination of competency for testaments and contracts
  • Determination for guardianship and capacity for medical decision making
  • Evaluation of care givers involved in custody disputes
  • Fit for duty exams
  • Psychological assessment and treatment for inmates in Denver City and County Jails
  • Consultation in Civil Litigation

Forensic Psychiatry Team

The faculty of the forensic psychiatry program includes attorneys, forensic psychiatrists, and child/adolescent psychiatrists. The forensic program provides psychiatric experts in disputes involving civil, criminal, and administrative law.



Training in Forensic Psychiatry

In collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center offers a one-year Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education certified training program for psychiatrists interested in forensic psychiatry sub-specialty training.