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Forensic Psychiatry Services

Forensic Psychiatry Services is a unique service that works closely with the judicial system. Forensic Psychiatry Services provides the following:

  • Determination of competency to withstand trial
  • Determination of sanity for criminal trials,
  • Determination of competency for testaments and contracts
  • Determination for guardianship and capacity for medical decision making
  • Evaluation of care givers involved in custody disputes
  • Fit for duty exams
  • Psychological assessment and treatment for inmates in Denver City and County Jails
  • Consultation in Civil Litigation

Forensic Psychiatry Team

The faculty of the forensic psychiatry program includes attorneys, forensic psychiatrists, and child/adolescent psychiatrists. The forensic program provides psychiatric experts in disputes involving civil, criminal, and administrative law.



  • Brittany Remmert, PsyD

Training in Forensic Psychiatry

In collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center offers a one-year Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education certified training program for psychiatrists interested in forensic psychiatry sub-specialty training.