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Community Health Services Board Members

Kennet Floyd, Chair
Kenneth Floyd, Chair

Kenneth has served on the CHS board for more than seven years and is deeply committed to serving the underserved in Denver and providing a positive impact on his community.

Carol Lewis, Vice Chair

Carol has served on the CHS board for more than six years, and is a former Denver Health employee. She retired after 33 years of service, but recognized the importance of staying involved with the organization.

Angela Casias Angela Casias

I became a member of this board because I believe the clinics are an integral part of the Denver community and I want to do what I can to ensure they are a lasting legacy of the Denver Health system.  Angela's board service began in June, 2012.

April Kalish

As a Denver Health patient, April was eager to join the CHS board to be a strong voice for the patient and hopes to improve the CHS system.
Maria "Rita" Muñoz
Maria "Rita" Muñoz

Rita is excited to be on the Board of Directors. She is a patient of Denver Health and is dedicated to "making a difference for anyone who is sick."  

John Niemann

John has been a CHS board member for four years. He is a Denver Health patient and is committed to helping Denver Health provide high-quality care to all Denver residents, especially the uninsured.

Theresa Pena 

Theresa is the Executive Director of the Denver Education Company for the City of Denver. She began her first term in 2012.  "As an educational activist, I know that access to a medical home is critical for all Denver children. I believe that community-based clinics provide critical medical support for our kids so that they can be and become successful students."

Susan Powers

Susan has served on the CHS board for one year, and serves as a strong voice for the community.

Jose Reyes

Jose has served on the CHS board for three years, and as a Denver resident, is committed to contributing to the safety that serves the most at-risk populations.

Calvin Stegink

Calvin Stegink

Calvin is a retired Denver Health employee and a consumer in the Denver Health system. "I want to give something back to Denver Health in return for the many good years of employment that they gave me."

Aeric Watson 

Aeric is employed by HBD Design and is a consumer in the Denver Health system.