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Choose Denver Health for Weight-Loss Surgery

Terry on ScaleUndergoing weight-loss surgery is a serious decision. You want to make sure you are receiving the best care possible that will ultimately help you achieve your weight-loss and health goals. The Surgical Weight-Loss Center at Denver Health distinguishes its program through the following:

Weight-Loss Results

On average, Denver Health surgical weight-loss patients lose between 60-85% of their excess body weight within two years following surgery. Additionally, more than 80% of patients report that their obesity related diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea has improved or gone away. Not only does surgery help patients lose the extra weight, but it also allows them to gain control of their health and better enjoy life!

Trusted Source of Care

Denver Health patients have come to expect only the best from all of our care providers, regardless of the medical service. Our bariatric team is no different. Working together, these specialists offer a comprehensive approach to weight-loss surgery that is part of a larger program aimed at supporting each patient throughout his or her journey. 

Surgery is only one component of our weight-loss program; additional services include pre-operative screening, post-operative follow up (medical and surgical), nutritional counseling, support groups, and psychological evaluation and support.

Personalized Care

Couple Enjoying a Healthy LifeWhen you decide to undergo weight-loss surgery, you are making a long-term commitment to the surgical process and follow up that is critical for long-lasting results. The steps required before surgery — the pre-screening process — and the surgery, usually take six months. This is then followed by follow-up and lifelong maintenance; within a year of beginning the program, you will experience all the benefits of weight loss.

Throughout this journey, you will get to know all of our bariatric team members. Each step of the way they will be creating a plan just for you — a plan that is formulated to best reach your personal weight-loss and health goals.