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The Graduate Nurse Residency Program at Denver Health is a 12-month educational program designed to help talented nursing graduates transition into professional practice.

The program begins three times per year based upon organizational need and is intended to support the professional development of ALL new graduate nurses hired into the hospital setting. The program is a supplement to our unit-based orientations.

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kathy Boyle, Ph.D., Chief Nursing Officer

We welcome graduate nurses at Denver Health! We have successfully hired and oriented graduate nurses in most units for many years. We are pleased to now offer our own Denver Health Graduate Nurse Residency Program as a supplement to the unit-based orientation.

The Graduate Nurse Residency Program is designed to help talented new nursing graduates transition from novice toward expert nurse. Our program offers a strategic mix of evidenced-based didactic and hands-on education, peer support and seasoned nurse mentorship. It is designed and conducted by talented nurse leaders from across the Denver Health organization. Not only will you grow in your patient care skills, you will also build your critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and leadership skills. In summary, you will receive strong support for your transition into your first year of nursing practice.

We are proud to share that we are an aspiring Magnet organization, intending to join the ranks of the top 8% of healthcare organizations in the United States. Our commitment to transformational leadership, structural empowerment, professional practice, new knowledge and innovation, and improvements, and our empirical outcomes is evident throughout our Department of Nursing and the Denver Health organization as a whole.

Our Graduate Nurse Residency Program fits with the national recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (October, 2010). We are pleased that our opportunity allows us to hire graduate nurses throughout the year as needs arise.

Our employees and volunteers as internal applicants have preference in hiring. This is not an exclusive practice as we do hire external graduates too. Because we hire grads throughout the year, we encourage you to visit our Career Center regularly.

Denver Health employees and volunteers with a BSN will be considered.

Once you apply, you will be entered into a pool of graduate nurses. You may be selected to interview for our next vacant graduate nurse positions. If you are offered a position on one of our units, you would also be accepted into the graduate program.

Applicants must have NO previous RN experience since this is a training program for grads who have never worked as an RN before. Candidates with any previous RN experience will not be considered for this nurse residency program. The successful candidate must commit to our graduate program and to the unit assigned for a minimum of two years.

Denver Health is considered a model health care system. We have received numerous national awards for quality leadership and are one of the Top 100 Most Wired Hospitals for information technology use for 2011.

Denver Health is an integrated, efficient, high-quality academic health care system. The Denver Health system includes the Rocky Mountain Regional Level I Trauma Center, a 525-bed acute care medical center, Denver’s 911 emergency medical response system, eight community health centers, school-based health centers, the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, the Denver Public Health Department, an HMO, an off-site 100 bed non-medical detoxification unit and the Denver Health Foundation.

As Colorado’s primary safety net institution, Denver Health is a mission-driven organization that has provided more than $4 billion in care for the uninsured since 1991. Denver Health is a leader in performance and quality improvements and remains financially secure, in part, due to its nationally recognized implementation of LEAN principles in healthcare. Denver Health is a major resource to the community, serving nearly thirty percent of all Denver residents, or approximately 175,000 individuals and 37% of Denver’s children.

Located just south of downtown Denver, Denver Health is just minutes away from many of the cultural and recreational activities Denver has to offer.

We strongly support diversity in the workforce and Denver Health is an equal opportunity employer (EOE).

Thank you for your interest in Denver Health!


Kathy Boyle, PhD, RN
Chief Nursing Officer
Denver Health


As nurses, we are dedicated to providing excellent care and optimizing health and healing through the collaboration of inter-professional teams that support patient, family and community centered care.


  • Challenging, satisfying and compassionate work
  • The diversity of the team, patients and families that we serve
  • Being a valued member of an inter-professional team
  • Autonomy, professional development, and leadership
  • High quality, cost effective care
  • Healthy, safe work environment.