Hospital-Based Nursing Units

Critical Care

  • Medical ICU (MICU) - Nurses in the MICU care for some of the highest acuity patients in the hospital. Care is provided for a broad range of diagnoses and nurses will have the opportunity to gain experience using advanced equipment such as Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy, Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump, Ventricular Assist devises, and Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS). The standard nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:2 with the most critical patients being cared for on a 1:1 basis. We pride ourselves on our culture of teamwork. The 24-bed MICU is a great place to challenge yourself to grow in your nursing practice.
  • Surgical ICU (SICU) is a key part of the Level I Trauma Center, safety net and tertiary care center of Denver Health. Patients come from throughout the region to be cared for in our 23-bed unit. The SICU is equipped with all the necessities, technology and emergency equipment for providing the full spectrum of care to the most critically ill and injured patients. Our patient population consists of critically ill or complex general surgery patients, as well as traumatically injured patients ages 15 years and older. The patient population in the SICU is 70-80% patients who have experienced a trauma. Most patients are suffering from injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, bicycle injuries, ski accidents, pedestrian versus auto encounters, traumatic brain injuries, falls, injuries from violent crimes and other serious traumatic events. The SICU’s nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:2  with the most critical patients being cared for 1:1.
  • 3B Flex /Progressive Care Unit is a 30-bed unit with the capacity to “flex” beds between progressive care (PCU) and intensive care (ICU) level acuity and is one of our highest rated units for nursing and patient satisfaction. On an average day, 26 beds are designated as PCU level with a 1:3 nurse to patient ratio and 4 beds are designated as ICU level, which is 1:2 or 1:1 ratio, depending upon the needs of the patient. Nurses on 3B Flex care for many specialty services such as post interventional cardiology, surgery, trauma, medicine, neurology and neurosurgery. This unit is highly desirable for nurses looking for opportunities to grow professionally.

Acute Care

  • Medical/Oncology - Nurses on this unit obtain an Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Chemotherapy Provider credential and administer chemotherapy to inpatients. 9A is an innovative unit. Trying new things and developing new processes allow staff to work at the highest level of licensure and certification.
  • Medical/Telemetry is a medical/surgical telemetry unit, specializing in the care of cardiac patients. This 28-bed, fast-paced unit has a strong team culture. This is a great environment for critical thinking, problem solving and career advancement. The nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:5 and CNAs have a ratio of 1:12. For the past five year, this unit has had top scores for employee satisfaction.
  • Medical/Cardiology is a 19-bed medical/surgical unit that cares for the unique patient population of contracted correctional patients. CCMF is a universal specialty unit that cares for patients from Psychiatry, Cardiology, OB/Gyn, Surgery, to acute trauma, chronic disease and more. This is a unit for new graduates that want to learn, or nurses looking to get diversify their experience to advance their career. This unit provides impartial, high quality care to some of the most vulnerable and marginalized patients. Staff find the work both challenging and rewarding.
  • Med/Surg/Tele is a 36-bed medical/surgical unit The team on 8A provides respectful, patient-centered care to the diverse and often underserved patients who receive care at Denver Health.  This unit offers amazing learning opportunities and facilitates the development of critical thinking as care is provided for varied medicine, surgery, and specialty patients. The 8A nursing team excels in mentoring new graduate RNs and in orienting new staff to the unit.  The nurse-to-patient ratiowith a 1:4 - 1:6 ratio and CNAs work with a ratio of 1:12.
  • Surgical Trauma Unit is a fast-paced surgical/trauma telemetry unit specializing in trauma, bariatrics, gender confirming care, general thoracic surgeries. This surgical/trauma unit also takes care of overflow general medicine patients. Patients are considered medically challenging with most having underlying disease processes. This 30-bed, high acuity care unit requires an exceptional level of critical thinking. The nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:5 and CNAs have a patient ratio of 1:10.
  • Ortho Trauma Unit specializes in orthopedic trauma and spinal cord injury patient care. Nurses in the orthopedic med/surg unit focus on each patient as an individual, working cohesively as a team to achieve the best patient outcomes. This 17-bed med/surge unit is fast-paced with a strong team-focused culture. The nurse-to-patient ration is 1:5 and CNAs have an outstanding patient ratio of 1:5. Individuals who are highly ambitious and hardworking thrive in this team-oriented environment.
  • Oasis is a 14-bed inpatient unit which provides care for patients with complex discharge barriers. Oasis has a diverse, interdisciplinary team to creatively address these barriers in an innovative, holistic care environment. Quality treatment for patients with multiple medical and psychosocial needs is provided by integrating nursing care and psycho-social assessment. This team facilitates meaningful, patient activities such as music, art and wellness programs. Each patient is treated with dignity and their strengths are identified in the highly personalized care provided. The Oasis team is high-performing, and with their innovative approach, they make a positive impact on patient outcomes. This nursing team is highly engaged and consistently ranks high in annual employee engagement surveys. The 5W Oasis nursing care model consists of an RN/LPN/CNA partnership. The nurse-to-patient ratio (RN/LPN) are 1:4 – 1:5. CNA staffing ratios are 1:7.
  • Med/Surg/Tele-Correctional Care Unit is a fast-paced medical/surgical unit that sees high acuity patients from a variety of services including medical, surgical, OB/GYN, cardiac, neurology, rehabilitation and observation patients. 6A is a great environment for new graduate nurses to grow and learn beneficial clinical skills, and a perfect home for the experienced nurse. The nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:5. The CNA-to-patient ratio is 1:10, and all CNAs are cross trained as unit clerks. This is a great environment for critical thinking, problem solving and career advancement.

Women and Children's

  • Labor and Delivery is a total of three units; Obstetrics Screening Room (OBSR), Obstetrics Special Care Unit (OBSCU) and Labor and Delivery (L&D). Labor and Delivery is a 15-bed unit responsible for the care for both low and high-risk moms. This unit offers both medicated and unmedicated birthing options, and our nursing staff is skilled in providing a variety of labor support techniques. We also have three operating rooms and five post anesthesia care unit (PACU) bays. 
    The OBSR is an eight-bed urgent care unit where we triage expectant moms who are 14 or more weeks pregnant and need urgent care or observation. The OBSR is open 24/7 and is staffed by certified nurse midwives and registered nurses who work closely with OB/GYN physicians to provide the best care possible. OBSR nurses also care for patients up to six-weeks post-partum.

    The OBSCU is a three-six bed high risk antepartum unit where care is provided for pregnant patients or postpartum patients having obstetric related health concerns. Patients requiring close monitoring until stable for discharge home, or transfer to Labor & Delivery for higher level of care receive their care here.
  • Mom/Baby is a 28-bed unit within Women and Children’s Health, caring for post-partum patients after delivery, as well as their newborns. There are typically 300 deliveries per month. The nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:6-8, and a CNA in the nursery. Mom/baby nurses also act as “admit” RNs for all infants transferred to the Mom & Baby unit. Nurses take care of many babies whose status does not require NICU care, but who are not yet ready to go home. Mom/Baby nurses may periodically care for a number of GYN patients.
  • Pediatrics/Pediatrics ICU (PICU) is an 8-10-bed unit dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate attention throughout more severe illnesses and injuries. Pediatric critical care nurses are trained and equipped to treat patients with severe infections, diabetes, and respiratory diseases like pneumonia, bronchiolitis and asthma of all degrees of severity, including ventilated patients. The nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:2. Denver Health is designated as a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons.
  • Neonatal ICU (NICU) is a 26-bed unit provides care to approximately 350 newborns annually. The unit consists of both private and semi-private rooms equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. This unit has an expansive interprofessional team and together make up many unit-based committees with focus on training and quality improvement initiatives. The NICU’s nurse to patient ratio is 1:2.5 and is supported by social workers, pediatric pharmacists, respiratory therapists, speech, occupational and physical therapists. We practice family centered care, and parents play an important role in the care and development of their baby.

Emergency Services

  • Adult Emergency Department is a fast-paced, high acuity unit providing high-quality adult emergency care. Denver Health Emergency Department is one of the nation’s leading Level I Trauma Centers, with one of the highest survival rates in the country for the most severe injuries. Our facility provides high-quality medical and trauma care where nurses will find their skill set is continually growing. Our ED consists of 57 beds, nurse-to-patient ratio is1:3-4, accommodating for critical patients. Additional support staff include emergency medical technicians (EMT), phlebotomists, EKG technicians, in-person interpreters and social workers.
  • Pediatric Emergency Department s a fast-paced environment providing high quality care to pediatric patients.  We are uniquely equipped to treat all levels of injuries and illnesses from earaches to major traumas. We are the only Level II Pediatric Trauma Center in the Denver Metro Area.  Staffed with all levels of pediatric providers and experienced nurses, it is a great environment to grow the skills of new nurses. We are an essential link in the pediatric chain of care and work closely with both our inpatient pediatric and ICU teams and community pediatric care centers.
  • Transfer Center
  • Admission/Discharge Unit 
  • Clinical Decision Unit- Short Stay Observation Unit is the newest addition to emergency services at Denver Health. It is a clinical pathway driven short stay unit, that specializes in caring for patients who have been initially evaluated in the emergency department. Average lengths of stay are between 8-16 hours, and care is provided by a multidisciplinary team that delivers ongoing medical treatments, assessments and dispositions of patients in this area. It is a team-based environment; that allows nurses to practice autonomy while caring for complex patients. It is perfect for nurses seeking a transition between the emergent and inpatient worlds. Nursing ratios are 1:5, with healthcare techs at a 1:8 ratio on days
  • Rapid Response Team
  • SANE Program - Forensic Nursing

Surgical Services

  • Operating Room is a 12 bed highly skilled unit caring for patients who are considered higher acuity and need a wide variety of surgical specialty needs for the community of Denver, the State of Colorado and surrounding states. The OR provides around the clock staffing 24/7, helping keep minimal call while still providing exceptional care. Nurses and certified surgical technicians (CST) are a critical part of the surgical care team, providing compassionate and skilled patient care in general, specialty and trauma surgeries, including bariatric, ear, nose and throat (ENT), spine and neurosurgery, Genitourinary and Gynecology (GU/GYN) GU/GYN, plastics and hand, gender reassignment, pediatric, oral maxillofacial, ophthalmology, orthopedics, oncology, urology and vascular surgeries. Nurse-to-patient ration is 1:1.
  • Outpatient Operating Room occupies four state-of-the-art surgical suites, all equipped with 4K video integration. Our clinical staff members are highly skilled with extensive experience in the surgical field. We specialize in outpatient surgical services for general surgery, dental, gender reassignment, orthopedics and sports, podiatry, GU/GYN, ophthalmology, vascular, pediatric, oral maxillofacial, plastic and hands, and otolaryngology/ear, nose and throat (ENT). Our goal is to provide compassionate, high-quality outpatient surgical care to the Denver Health community. Nurse-to-patient ration is 1:1.
  • Preop/PACU houses 20 pre-operative (pre-op) bays and 17 PACU bays on Denver Health’s main campus, as well as 14 pre-op and 14 PACU bays in our Outpatient Surgery Center. This is a fast-paced department, and we pride ourselves on excellent nursing care during the pre- and post-operative period in the perioperative process.  Our nurses care for a wide variety of patients from pediatric to geriatric, and same day surgery to surgical intensive care.  In addition to our 16 operating rooms, our team also prepares and recovers patients from our gastrointestinal, Cardiac Catherization Lab, interventional radiology, bronchoscopy, and Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) procedural areas as well as being a back-up for labor and delivery C-sections. Pre-op nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:3 and PACU nurse-to patient ratio is 1:2.
  • Outpatient Preop/PACU

Behavioral Health

  • Adult Inpatient Psychiatry serves acute and chronically mentally ill patients by providing high quality psychiatric clinical and therapeutic care. The unit specializes in administering care to adult patients who display challenging behaviors and/or who may have comorbid medical diagnoses that cannot be accommodated by other mental health facilities in Colorado.  The adult unit comprises 57 beds over a span of 3 units. The multiple units allow for the development of a diverse set of nursing and therapeutic skills including de-escalation techniques, therapeutic awareness and communication.  Staffing ratios include a nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:5 and behavioral health tech ration of 1:7. These ratios create safe, dignified, individualized patient care. Denver Health is supportive in the professional development and engagement of its employees and offers many opportunities for growth, mentorship, and enrichment. 
  • Adolescent Behavioral Health provides care for adolescents ages 12-21 admitted to the hospital for evaluation, assessment, and treatment of psychiatric issues. Adolescents are admitted out of concern for safety and to prevent any worsening of their condition. The program is designed to encourage progress in a therapeutic, educational, nurturing, and structured environment. The adolescent unit uses a multidisciplinary approach to include registered nurses and behavioral health technicians to monitor the patient’s entire stay, 24/7. The treatment team of clinicians includes psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapy. The adolescent unit features an in-facility school through the Colorado Department of Education. The adolescent unit comprises of 21 beds. Staffing ratios include a nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:5 and behavioral health technician ratio of 1:8. These ratios create safe, dignified, individualized patient care.
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services
  • ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders

Float Pool

  • Float Pool is made up of nurses and certified nurse aids (CNAs) who are proficient and competent in all medical/surgical areas at Denver Health. In addition, we have specialized teams for women and children departments, critical care and emergency departments, and acute care departments.