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Denver Health adheres to the Colorado Hospital Association media guidelines when it comes to sharing information about our patients.

The following highlights should be noted.

  • Patient condition updates can be requested by calling the 24-hour media line at (303) 520-9591. Media representatives must identify themselves and the publication they represent and provide the patient's first and last name. Descriptions of injuries, location of the accident, etc. are not sufficient.
  • The patient or the patient's representative can request privacy by opting out of the hospital directory, which prevents us from sharing any information about the patient, including one-word condition updates.
  • If the patient is listed in the directory, a one-word condition update (definitions below) may be released. Denver Health has to obtain a written authorization from the patient or patient's representative to share any information beyond the one-word condition.
  • Patient condition updates cannot be provided for patients under age 18 without written consent from the parent or legal guardian.
  • Certain patients are automatically protected under privacy rules and no information will be released about them. These include patients who may be a victim of a crime, patients who are in police custody, a patient who is a victim of abuse or neglect or a patient who has been admitted for behavioral health or substance abuse.

The standard definitions of the one-word patient conditions are as follows: 

  • Undetermined: The patient is awaiting an assessment.
  • Good: Vital signs, such as pulse, temperature and blood pressure are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable. Outlook for recovery is good or excellent.
  • Fair: Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious. Patient is uncomfortable or may have minor complications. Favorable outlook.
  • Serious: Acutely ill with questionable outlook. Vital signs may be unstable or not within normal limits. A chance for improved outlook.
  • Critical: Questionable outlook. Vital signs are unstable or not within normal limits. There are major complications; death may be imminent.
  • Deaths: Confirmation will be withheld until the next of kin has been notified or after a reasonable time has passed. A hospital may not disclose information regarding the date, time or cause of death. Information regarding cause of death comes from the coroner in most cases. In Colorado, death certificates are not public record.

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