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Denver Health Social Media Terms of Use

We invite and welcome conversation on the Denver Health social media pages. Your thoughts and opinions about our patient care and quality of service matters to us, and can help improve our healthcare and improve our patients’ lives. However, Denver Health maintains narrowly focused discussions on its website and social media for the limited purpose of Denver Health’s mission and interests rather than creating a public forum.

Denver Health’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) are not public forums. With your participation, we ask that commenters adhere to our Terms of Use in order to have a respectful, open, authentic discussion. All comments are monitored, and Denver Health, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove or block commenters, comments, materials or posts when those comments, materials or posts do not promote a civil discussion or comply with Denver Health’s purpose for maintaining the social media site or:

  1. Contain profanity, obscene or explicit material
  2. Seek to sell or promote a commercial product or service
  3. Are seeking to solicit patient health information from Denver Health patients
  4. Are spam
  5. Contain unlawful, hateful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous material/language or are discriminatory based on race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or political party (determined by the Marketing/Public Relations team) including links to such material
  6. Violate any law, promote the violation of any law, or encourage illegal activity
  7. Contain information that may compromise safety or security
  8. Appear to be made by a person masquerading as someone else
  9. Violate the privacy or security of Protected Health Information (PHI) or other confidential information that is not your own (this includes family, friends, and spouse)
  10. Contain copyrighted or plagiarized material belonging to someone else
  11. Campaign related material of any kind

We will block accounts immediately if we deem comments made that could be illegal, harmful or dangerous to persons, property, or Denver Health and its employees. Denver Health seeks genuine dialogue but will not accept comments that aim to inflict harm or damage on other individuals, business, or property.

We ask that you also remember that when you post a comment online, it is published for anyone to see. For your and your family’s privacy, consider carefully the amount of protected medical information linked to your name. Denver Health is not responsible for the information you choose to publish.