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Hand/Limb Microvascular Replantation Service:
Preservation of the Amputated Part

Hand Limb Microvascular Replantation Poster Denver Health

We offer the region's only 24/7/365 microvascular replantation service. Our orthopedic team specializes in treating patients with the most severe hand injuries, including replantation of traumatic amputations, soft tissue reconstructions, vascular repair and traumatic brachia plexus injuries.

Our team has developed a free poster, Hand/Limb Microvascular Replantation: Preservation of the Amputated Part, to help you care for your patients before they are transported to Denver Health for replantation.

Acute Trauma
  • Replantation of traumatic amputations
  • Extremity and soft tissue reconstruction
  • Vascular repairs
  • Traumatic brachial plexus injuries
  • Compartment syndrome and "crush" injuries
Chronic Conditions
  • Nonunions and delayed unions
  • Bone and soft tissue infections
  • Peripheral nerve injuries
  • Volkmann's ischemic contracture
  • Function restoring free tissue transfers
  • Secondar microsurgical reconstruction of limbs, including toe transfers

Microvascular Replantation Specialists

Rodrigo Banegas, MD
Specializes in hand replantation. Served as the head of the harvesting team for the Louisville, Kentucky double hand transplantation case.

Kryros Ipaktchi, MD
Specializes in microvascular surgery, replantation, and trauma to the upper extremities.

Meryl Livermore, MD
Specializes in hand and upper extremity surgery, including microvascular and plastic surgery.