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Name  Category 
 Abnormal Mammogram  Breast Surgery
 Acne  Dermatology
 Acute bronchitis, ambulatory adults  Antimicrobial
 Acute otitis media children and adolescents  Antimicrobial
 Acute pharyngitis children adolescents and adults  Antimicrobial
 Acute sinusitis children and adolescents  Antimicrobial
 Acute sinusitis non-pregnant adults  Antimicrobial
 Allergic Rhinitis  ENT
 Anaphylaxis  Allergy
 Ankle Sprain  Ortho
 Anterior Knee Pain - No Acute Injury  Ortho
 Asthma  Allergy
 Atopic Dermatitis  Dermatology
 BPH  Urology
 Breast Mass  Breast Surgery
 Breast Pain  Breast Surgery
 Catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), non-pregnant adults  Antimicrobial
 Chalazion  Ophthalmology
 Chronic Cough  Allergy
 Chronic Kidney Disease  Nephrology
 CMC Arthritis of Thumb  Ortho
 Clostridium difficile guideline, nonpregnant adult inpatients (4 27 11)  Antimicrobial
 Colon Cancer Screening  Gastroenterology
 Community-acquired pneumonia children and adolescents  Antimicrobial
 Community-acquired pneumonia non-pregnant adults  Antimicrobial
 Community-acquired pneumonia, non-pregnant adult inpatient management  Antimicrobial
 Complicated intra-abdominal infection guideline, non-pregnant adults  Antimicrobial
 Compression Neuropathy  Ortho
 Congestive Heart Failure  Cardiology
 Conjunctivitis  Ophthalmology
 Corneal Abrasions  Ophthalmology
 Coronary Artery Disease - Angina  Cardiology
 Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures  Dermatology
 Diabetes - Retinopathy  Ophthalmology
 Diabetic Foot Evaluation  Podiatry
 Diarrhea  Gastroenterology
 DJD  Rheumatology
 Drug Allergy  Allergy
 Dry Skin  Dermatology
 Dupuytrens ContractueUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).  Ortho
 Elevated PSA  Urology
 Facial Fracture  Plastic
 Fibromyalgia  Rheumatology
 GERD  Gastroenterology
 GI Bleeding  Gastroenterology
 Gonorrhea and chlamydia treatment guideline  Antimicrobial
 Gout  Rheumatology
 Hematuria  Urology
 Hepatitis B  Gastroenterology
 Hepatitis C  Gastroenterology
 Hoarseness  ENT
 Hymenoptera Sensitivity  Allergy
 Hypertension  Nephrology
 Inflammatory Bowel Disease  Gastroenterology
 Ingrown Nail - Paronychia  Podiatry
 Inpt Antimicrobial Formulary updated 6-5-10  Antimicrobial
 Invasive Candidiasis Management Algorithm (5 28 2009)  Antimicrobial
 Low Back Pain  Neurosurgery
 Low Back Pain-Neck Pain-Radiculopathy  Neurosurgery
 MICU suggested antibiotic regimens-final 12.20.2012  Antimicrobial
 Monoarthritis  Rheumatology
 Nash  Gastroenterology
 Neck Mass  ENT
 Nipple Discharge  Breast Surgery
 Obstetrica Ultrasound  Women's Care
 Obstructive Sleep Apnea  Pulmonary
 Outpatient Rehabilitation Services OT-PT-ST  Ortho
 Pannus  Plastic
 Pertussis Testing_Treatment Algorithm v02  Antimicrobial
 Plantar Fascitis -- Arch Pain, Heel Pain, Flat Feet  Podiatry
 Positive FOBT Testing  Gastroenterology
 Proteinuria  Nephrology
 RA  Rheumatology
 Referral to High-Risk OB Clinic  Women's Care
 Refractive Error - Loss of Glasses or Contact Lenses  Ophthalmology
 Shoulder Dislocation  Ortho
 Shoulder Pain  Rheumatology
 Skin and soft tissue infection children and adolescents  Antimicrobial
 Skin and soft tissue infection guideline adult inpatients (9 19 12)  Antimicrobial
 Skin and soft tissue infection non-pregnant adults  Antimicrobial
 Sonohysterography  Women's Care
 SPN  Pulmonary
 Traumatic Knee Pain  Ortho
 Upper respiratory tract infection (URI) children adolescents and adults  Antimicrobial
 Urinary tract infection children and adolescents  Antimicrobial
 UTI Treatment Algorithm Nonpregnant Adult Outpatients (9 13 11)  Antimicrobial
 Valvular Heart Disease  Cardiology
 Vertigo  ENT