Physical and Occupational Therapy

Rehabilitation is the recovery process of managing your pain and regaining physical function following an injury or surgery. Increasing your strength, flexibility and ability to move are major goals of rehabilitation, and it takes dedication and hard work.

At Denver Health, your rehabilitation will be managed by a team of experts in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The role of a therapist is to help patients regain function, such as mobility, self-care and communication.

Our services are provided to both inpatients and outpatients, and our therapists work with you and your family or caregiver to promote your safety and well-being following discharge. Occupational therapists can help you regain your independence and effectively handle the tasks of daily living.

Our Services

Ortho reb crutches
  • Adult & pediatric wheelchair clinics
  • Amputee brace clinic
  • Breast cancer rehabilitation
  • Early intervention community speech group
  • Hand therapy
  • Major multiple trauma rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic pre-operative clinic
  • Orthotics clinic
  • Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation
  • Spinal cord injury rehabilitation
  • Work rehabilitation and pre-employment screening