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Lean Fundamentals Classroom

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The Denver Health Lean Academy provides numerous Lean tools and systems workshops to support you. More courses are scheduled to be added over time, so please come back often to stay up-to-date on their launch and new course dates.

  • Coaching for Continuous Improvement | This workshop will teach through experience in a supportive, interactive environment designed to build both skill and confidence.
  • Lean Analytics | This skill-based course is for leaders and mid-level managers that rely on data for their decisions.
  • Lean Fundamentals | This intense training will offer hands-on application of Lean philosophies and practical skills they can immediately use.
  • Leveraging Lean Management Systems for True Continuous Improvement | This two-day course will introduce participants to Lean concepts for leadership roles and illustrate the differences between lean leadership and typical management-by-objective models.
  • Site Visit for Executives | This site visit will expose you to our success with Lean, how we got to where we are today and what we are doing to re-engineer our journey.

To make your travel easier, the Denver Health Lean Academy offers information on  lodging and logistics, including recommended hotels and parking information.

Upcoming Workshops

2018 Lean Workshops

Jan. 29-30: Lean Management Systems
Jan 31-Feb 1: Coaching for Continuous Improvement
Feb. 26-March 1: Lean Fundamentals
Mar 13-14 : Lean Analytics
Mar 19-20: Lean Management Systems
Mar 21-22: Coaching for Continuous Improvement
April 10-11: Executive Site Visit
April 16-19: Lean Fundamentals
May 15-16: Lean Analytics
May 21-22: Lean Management Systems
May 23-24: Coaching for Continuous Improvement
June 18-21: Lean Fundamentals
July 24-25: Lean Analytics