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Strategy Deployment for Lean Organizations

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March 12-13, 2014
June 11-12, 2014

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  • 2 Days
  • $1,500

Having a strategic plan on the shelf is not enough. Your organization must deploy that plan in a way that engages the entire workforce, links strategy to annual plans and local improvement work, and guides the daily operations of the organization.

This workshop is designed for executives who have responsibility for setting strategy as well as leaders and internal support personnel who deploy strategy and review progress toward strategic aims. Participants will learn the characteristics of an effective strategy deployment system and will leave with concrete action items to improve their own organizations.

Participants will learn:

  • Components of a strategy deployment system
  • Common failure points in strategy deployment
  • Leadership behaviors needed for effective strategy deployment
  • How to link visual management systems to strategy deployment
  • How to use a cascaded review system to assess and adjust progress to goals and energize and mobilize all resources toward strategic aims