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Choose Denver Health Pediatrics

Pediatric Patient with a BandaidAs a large health care system, we have every need for your child covered, from routine primary care to pediatric trauma services, and everything in-between. We are an outstanding option for parents seeking pediatric services.

The Denver Emergency Center for Children

Denver Health’s 24-hour pediatric ER and Urgent Care center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and caring pediatric doctors and nurses who provide 24/7 medical services for life-threatening and minor injuries and illnesses. The center has all private rooms and is separate from the adult ER and Urgent Care Center, making it a wonderful and convenient option.

The Pavilion for Women and Children

The Pavilion for Women and Children is a tower on our main campus that is just for kids and new moms. The building has a pediatric unit that is equipped with both private and semi-private rooms, a pediatric intensive care unit, private surgical suites, a neonatal intensive care unit and several spaces designed to help children heal.

The Pavilion also has a labor and delivery and mom/baby unit, making it a special place for new moms, newborns and children of all ages to heal.

Pediatric Primary Care Services

Just steps from the Pavilion for Women and Children is the Wellington Webb Center for Primary Care, which has a private pediatric primary care practice that provides routine medical care for newborns and children of all ages. The Pediatric Clinic is staffed by pediatricians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in pediatric medicine.

The clinic does post-surgical follow-up for children, sick visits, check-ups, vaccinations and is the place where all of our newborns stop for their first doctor visit after being discharged from the hospital.

Our Eastside and Westside Health Centers are also equipped with private pediatric practices and all of our Community Health Centers have family medicine doctors who are able to see the entire family, including children of all ages.

Child Life Program

The Child Life Specialists at Denver Health provide support for children while they are patients at the hospital. Specialists talk honestly with children about procedures and will complete activities and exercises that will ease their fears and allow them to follow their care team’s directions during procedures and in preparation for surgery.

These specialists also work with children who are in need of therapy services and they provide parents with tools to help their child heal and participate in their recovery. For siblings who are confused or afraid of what is happening to their loved one, our Child Life Specialists ease their fears as well and encourage the entire family to take part in the healing and recovery process.

The Zone at Denver Health

The Zone is the best tool that our Child Life Specialists have access to. This play area is equipped with games, toys and activities that can be used by children to speed the recovery process and make it fun. Children, even sick children, love to play and the Zone is a wonderful area for them to heal through play.