Telehealth Appointments

About Telehealth at Denver Health

Telehealth appointments are a convenient, secure way to speak to your Denver Health provider from the comfort of your own home. At this time, most telehealth appointments will be telephone visits.

Learn more about how to make a Telehealth appointment at Denver Health using the MyChart patient portal in this short video.

Setting Up Your Telehealth Appointment

  • To schedule your telehealth appointment, call the appointment center at 303-436-4949 or your clinic's specific appointment line. New patients are welcome. 
  • When it’s time for your appointment, no special equipment is necessary. Use any landline phone or a cell phone to speak with your provider.
  • Limited appointments are available as video visits, conducted via a smartphone, tablet or a computer with a camera.
View instructions for setting up Telehealth video visits on your Android or Apple iOS device or your computer 


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Frequently Asked Questions about Telehealth Appointments

Which specialty services are available for telehealth appointments?

Telehealth visits are available for most specialty services and the list is growing every day. Call the appointment line at 303-436-4949 to check.

Some of the specialties that offer telehealth include:

    Can I schedule a telehealth appointment if I’m a new or first-time patient?

    Yes! Just call the appointment center and tell them you are a new patient. Once you are set up, the doctor’s visit will be done over the phone whenever possible. 

    If I have a family member who doesn't speak English, can that person still make a telephone appointment?

    Yes! You or your family member can call the appointment center and request the appropriate language. 

    Can I choose between a video and telephone doctor's appointment?

    Not all appointments are available as video appointments. Please ask about video availability when making your appointment, and our staff will let you know if your appointment will be by phone or video.

    What else can I do with my MyChart application?

    • Request prescription refills
    • View visitor notes
    • View patient charts and test results
    • Make payments
    • Communicate with your doctor
    • Check in to a pre-scheduled appointment 

    How do I access MyChart if I want to communicate with my provider?

    Easy! Here are Instructions for MyChart for Android users and iPhone users. 

    Will I be charged the same amount for a telehealth as I would for an in-person visit?

    Telehealth visits are processed by insurance carriers in the same manner as in-person visits. There may be co-pays associated with the visit, so please check with your insurance provider for details.